Lors du slalom parmi les voitures, l'œil cherche un refuge dans les couleurs

À la sortie du Passage Rainbow, le piéton peut se sentir désorienté à défaut d'indications.

When exiting from the Rainbow Underpass, the pedestrian is not guided in any way. Walking straight ahead amongst the metal bars that prevent the vehicles from parking, the pedestrian reaches in the middle of the street where he/she can choose between a sideway lacking in shade and with poles that direct the cars and the shaded footway along a financial institution, whose walls have been covered with graffiti.

Preferring the shaded and more colourful area, the pedestrian walks with difficulty amongst the parked vehicles and takes the road allotted to vehicles as the pseudo-pavements delineated by ledges have not been asphalted and are occupied by illegally parked vehicles. Through the violence of the lines, the dynamism of the shapes and their vivid colours, the drawings on the wall contrast with the surrounding monotonous landscape and seem to revive long-forgotten elements of the area, emotions and trauma buried under the walls of the new and chaotic buildings erected over the debris of demolished houses.

Thus, by turning his/her sight from the parked vehicles and looking at the graffiti that defy the landscaping airs of the surrounding institutions (through the fact that they attract cars to areas where the citizens are supposed to relax and spend leisure time), the pedestrian gains confidence that there are still voices that militate for parks to be designed first of all for the people and then for the cars and tax collection institutions.