Familiarity and intimacy with the city

We live in the city and make it feel familiar, even when it seems unknown, unfamiliar or contrary to our expectations. Through a sense of attachment and familiarity, individuals inhabit and continually transform their living environment.

In the Civic Centre, an urban area regarded by the majority of our interviewees as having “no identity” and being “totally fragmented”, we looked at the sites and at the practices used by individuals to come to terms with the unfamiliar, user-unfriendly nature of the area. In this place of intense road traffic, how do residents and passers-by find a breathing space, a place to sit down, somewhere they can once again feel safe

From familiar spots in the neighbourhood where you grew up, cherished memories of how a place used to be, trees that are the only traces of an old neighbourhood now lost, to more unusual, unexpected aspects, we will focus on the familiarities and intimacies forged by individuals with the city.

The balconies:overview of the city and nature or ... of a new Mall

When visiting a few persons that reside in the Civic Centre Area, in one of the three tower buildings on the same side with BCR l

Nostalgia as an impossibility to anchor into the present and new prospects

The simple presentation of these promises to revitalise the urban area has triggered contradictory reactions.

A hotel has replaced a kindergarten

While walking down Victoriei Boulevard accompanied by a resident from the Civic Centre, a shocking element stands out

Planting roses around the Church

During one of the walks made with a retired person living in a working-class area nearby the Civic Centre

Naturalisation of the “modern, civilised” interventions to the detriment of the memory of the place

As regards the promise of building the future shopping centre in the Hidromecanica area from the Civic Centre of the city, another aspect to which the inhabitants of Brasov relate in conflicting ways is its location.

Taming the chaos on the boulevard: another world, another city behind the walls

On her way to the market, an inhabitant of the Civic Centre neighbourhood guides us through a shortcut bordered by trees and green areas,

Escaping from the chaos on the boulevard – taking refuge on side streets

“Let’s take this shortcut. This shortcut actually is a street that came into existence in a rather weird way.”

Avoiding the boulevard by slaloming

In search of shade and quietness on a sunny summer day, the pedestrians crossing the Civic Centre In search of shade and quietness on a sunny summer day, the pedestrians crossing the Civic Centre can take a shortcut


The shaded park sheltered from the noisy street. (Im)possible connections

The Civic Centre carries on its shoulders the stories of many people who come here to rest on a bench,

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