The shaded park sheltered from the noisy street. (Im)possible connections

The Civic Centre carries on its shoulders the stories of many people who come here to rest on a bench, sheltered from the noisy street. Two elderly persons with whom we talked feel nostalgic about bygone days. They choose this park to the detriment of another one because it is friendly, spacious and swarming with kids that remind them of bygone times when they used to bring their own children to the park.

The two elderly persons met do not know each other and do not live in the Civic Centre but, a few times a week, they come to this park to forget their worries and reflect, but also to forget their loneliness by looking for the company of those willing to have a chat.

Most of the time, they are not willing and do not have time, hence one can see them sitting alone on a bench while gazing at the swarming crowd. In summer, it is easier to socialise as the seating places are highly valued, being the few places that also offer shade in this open area of the Civic Centre.