Digital Riddles

Fellow citizens,

Together with our friends from the project Orașul Memorabil, we have selected from the website archive a series of photographs with different areas, places and corners of what is currently called the Civic Centre of Brașov.

We invite you to take a close look to the photographs and try to recognise the area, take a photograph from approximately the same angle and send it to us to . If you want, you can also send us a few lines, a story or memory to share with it. Not too much, nor too little, whatever you consider appropriate.

The best photographs accompanied by the most interesting stories shall be published on this website.

You may well say: “I wasn’t even born/I wasn’t even in Brașov/I don't even know what this is about!” No problem! We are sure you have friends/parents/grandparents/acquaintances that may remember. Show them the photographs and memories will come back. Even if you don’t recognise the place, the story, the memory, the nostalgic smile will enrich you!

In brief

  1. Choose a photograph
  2. Try to take the same photograph nowadays
  3. Send the photograph (accompanied or not by a text) to the address  indicating “Riddle”.

Thank you and good luck!