Pedestrians, cars, and bikes

Living in a house, neighbourhood or city implies first and foremost moving from one place to another (physically and/or mentally). From the earliest times, mobility has been a fundamental condition of human existence, evolution and living together.

In this section, we invite you to look at our daily movements – on foot, by car, by bike –, at the conditions in which they take place each day, and at the joint presences, conflicts and frictions they produce. Clearly, the question is: how can we live together in harmony?

How can we not forget that there are others just like us, with their own desires and needs? How can we not forget that the streets are common property, and therefore public goods?

Le bruit s'intensifie dans le Centre civique

La pollution sonore au Centre Civique est actuellement à un niveau élevé provoquée par différents facteurs

The cyclist and the pedestrian share narrow pavements

The extremely narrow pavements, because of the large space allotted to cars, car parks and the 6-lane roadway become a space where the cyclist is also trying to find his/her place.

Pavement parking and the malaise of walking through the park

Illegal parking in pedestrian park alleys narrows down the walking space that remains for pedestrians.

The car passes when desired, the pedestrian when possible

The car passes when desired, the pedestrian when possible

The drivers are privileged in the Civic Centre, the area being favourable to those who drive

Difficult crossings on narrow sidewalks

In order to avoid the congestion and roadway noise generated on Toamnei Street,one has the possibility to cross the Civic Centre by taking a side road

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