Traversées difficiles sur trottoirs étroits

Afin d’éviter le bruit de la circulation automobile, l’une des possibilités est de traverser le Centre civique par une route secondaire.

In order to avoid the congestion and roadway noise generated on Toamnei Street, one has the possibility to cross the Civic Centre by taking a side road on Verii Street. This may involve a little more walking. This street is subject to less traffic congestion, being a part of the main Civic Centre Area designed to remain predominantly residential (Area Town Planning of Brasov’s Civic Centre).

However, the pedestrian’s decision to walk this street involves walking, before reaching there, through an area with a very narrow pavement. This area is delineated by one of the oldest residential buildings in this neighbourhood, a building with basement apartments. If basement apartments have their windows covered with steel windows, a much larger space has been allotted to car parks by cutting down the space assigned to pavements.

Walking this route is difficult also because of the presence of stairs leading to companies operating at the ground floor of the block. And because two persons cannot fit on this pseudo-sideway, one of them must either step aside and wait for the other one to pass or walk through the car park.