Different ages, different experiences with the underway

A woman stops to look at the paintings exhibited in the underpass that seems deserted or at least, at rest.

Then, she slowly moves unsteadily towards the exit because of her difficulty to walk. Another woman passes by without noticing the works of art. The younger passer-by, who has remained behind attracted by the contrast between a wall graffiti that ironically reads “And I keep singing...” in a smelly, underground area that is a sore sight for the eyes, catches up easily the old woman from behind. The old woman has difficulty in walking up the stairs, pausing at every step and illustrating the mobility difficulties of the elderly, which weren’t taken into consideration when designing the underpass.

Even if the youngest ones can climb the stairs at an alert pace to quickly escape the unpleasant feeling of containment, for some elderly persons this crossing lasts longer because they are captivated with observing the desolating appearance of the area.