Cycling on 15 Noiembrie Boulevard

In order to avoid the sometimes intense traffic because of the lack of a cycling lane, some cyclists prefer to ride their bicycles on the pavement.

15 Noiembrie Boulevard is considered to be the most dangerous one. “If you want to die, this is where you can; they drive at 90 km per hour because there are no police cars or fixed radars and the drivers drive madly fast with no fear of sanctions,” the cyclist says. Some drivers confess there are situations when they have to accelerate or brake suddenly because they have to shift the lane from time to time and “if you don't come out, you may not be able to shift”. Sometimes, vehicles are exiting in reverse from the car parks lots nearby this arterial road and because of the very limited visibility, it is difficult for them to make sure that no cyclist is approaching on the first lane. This latter may suddenly become aware that a vehicle is in front of him, forcing him to get in front of other vehicles driving fast on the second lane, and therefore risking to end up under their wheels. Other times, around noontime, when the car parks are full, in front of the bank offices vehicles are parked even on the first lane of the boulevard and cyclists have to bypass them.

Choosing to cycle on the footway, the cyclists have to find routes that bypass the cars parked on the road, the waiting areas in bus stations, the advertising displays, the bars blocking vehicle access or the trash cans. This is why, the small square paved with cobblestone in front of the three tower blocks, although designed for pedestrians, is also used by cyclists because of its width, because of the fact that the footways are bumpy outside this area and the conventional area designed for crossing is constantly full of persons with buggies which are even more difficult to bypass.