Caring for each other in the labyrinth of car parks

While crossing the Civic Centre area, the pedestrian generally chooses to avoid the permanent noise and visual stimuli offered by the boulevard and prefers the shortcuts that provide green areas and quietness.

The crossing allows us to notice the hybrid spaces resulting from the post-communism reorganisation of the spaces around the blocks of flats, especially through the presence of cars.

The areas filled with grass and benches have been expanded with increasingly larger spaces negotiated for cars, where small paper advertisements catch the attention of the passers-by. Within this juxtaposition, it is only the pedestrian familiar with the place, the one who crosses it every day following the same route, that gives the impression that he/she can choose his/her route without hesitation.

It is interesting to note what attracts/distracts the attention spontaneously: a small paper printed with a job announcement that finds its way on a tree amongst the cars; a painted street sign probably made by well-intentioned pedestrians caring for their fellow citizens who might feel at a loss within this labyrinth, and to whom they indicate the least difficult and most friendly route to take through the city.